The weather has been amazing all week long, and is currently 20 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. Given we spend months shoveling and dealing with subzero temperatures, when the mercury rises, Minnesotans get pretty excited!

  • 1

    Winter jackets become a distant memory.

    Might they be needed again? Yes, but as long as the thermostat says it is at least 45 degrees outside, much of the state takes this as a cue to bare arms.

    Digital Vision
  • 2

    Pull out the flip flops.

    Your feet have been hidden away all winter long in winter boots and warm socks and slippers, so pulling out the sandals and flip flops is a promise of warmer days to come.

    BlueOrange Studio
  • 3

    Wash the car.

    Minnesota winters can be hard on vehicles, so while the lines might be long, the first couple of warm days are the perfect chance to wash away the salt.

  • 4

    Motorcycles and bikes are everywhere!

    Unlike the southern states, we have a limited time frame with which to enjoy bikes and motorcycles, and we make the most of each one of those suitable riding days.

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    The distinctive smell of someone grilling is commonplace almost as soon as the snow melts, and sometimes before as much of the population attempts to prove they are grill masters.

    Alexander Shalamov
  • 6

    Open all of the windows.

    This time of year marks the short time frame where the heat is off and the air conditioning has not been turned on yet. Making the most of the fresh air, windows are open to let in the breeze.

    Svetlana Larina
  • 7

    Flock to patios.

    Your living space or favorite establishment's available space has just received a big expansion as patrons are able to sit outside and dine.

  • 8

    Hit the trails and parks.

    After months of cabin fever, Minnesotans are ready to get outside and revisit all of their favorite parks and trails.

    Phil Nye/TSM