My first collection was squirrels. Each Christmas I would get a box filled with an assortment of squirrels. The colors and the style were so different. I also have a collection of cats ... knickknack cats. I only have two real cats. Friends found out how much I like cats and they helped me start a collection. Of course, when I was younger, I had a collection of stuffed animals. I think most little girls do or did.

The assortment of things that can be collected is way out there. My mom had half a wall filled with keys, all different sizes and colors, mostly skeleton keys. They are the most decorative.

Animals of all sorts are easy to start with. I didn't collect them, but I guess I shouldn't forget baseball cards or any sport for that matter.

Maybe you have seen them, too, decorating shows. It seemed when they found out the client liked something, boy would they go overboard. I sometimes wondered if the client scaled it back a little.

By the way, there are two eggs in each picture.