On Tuesday's AM Minnesota prrogram, Tim Penny will be my guest. Penny is the president and CEO of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. The Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation is a regional development and philanthropic organization that fosters economic and community vitality in 20 counties of southern Minnesota through a culture of collaboration and partnership. Fitting with their mission, the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation will be sponsoring the third annual feast this Friday and Saturday in Rochester.

There continues to be a strong and growing demand for local foods in southern Minnesota. After a very successful feast in 2014, it was evident that customers, makers and buyers valued this opportunity to connect and support a more local and extensive local foods economy in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. The feast will feature more than 100 local food vendors. There will be fun activities for kids of all ages, cooking demonstrations and Real Food Media popup short films. In addition there will be a trade show and workshops.

The feast will be held at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester. Hours are Friday, December 2, from 9AM to 6PM for vendors and buyers only. Then the public is invited on Saturday, December 3, from 10AM to 4PM. These are a few of the details and things going on at the feast. I am sure we will find out a lot more on Tuesday's AM Minnesota program at 9:30!