Dierks Bentley has been previewing his upcoming album through a series of conceptual videos, and now he's delivered the racy final installment.

The series began with "I'll Be the Moon," which sets up the story of a man who is involved on the sly with a woman who is already with another man. "What the Hell Did I Say" follows the character through a drunken night at a bar trying to make her jealous, and "Pick Up" shows the unintended consequences of that night. The story turns dark as the boyfriend finds out, and it appears the woman might have killed him in a violent confrontation.

"Black" picks up where that left off, with the lovers escaping together and heading straight to bed. But don't expect any happily-ever-after for this pair; by the video's end, it's clear they won't be able to get away from what's happened.

Black takes its title from Bentley's wife, Cassidy Black, and its title song may be the sexiest song of Bentley's career.

"My wife said, 'I thought this was supposed to be a love song,'" Bentley tells Rolling Stone Country. "I said, 'Black' is the love song. And she said, 'But it's not a love song. . . it's an in-the-moment love song.'"

Directed once again by Wes Edwards, the video is just as hot.

"I saw it originally in color and I thought, 'Damn, that's pretty racy!'" Bentley says, which is why he and Edwards decided to go with black-and-white to dovetail with the theme of the album. "In color, it's almost like Skin-emax, but you put it in black-and-white and it's more like Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game': sexy cool. So we went a little more Chris Isaak, a little less Skin-emax," Bentley says with a laugh.

The first single from Black, "Somewhere on a Beach," recently hit No. 1. The album is due on May 27, and it's somewhat of a conceptual work that explores all of the ins and outs of love relationships, from the good to the bad.

"My wife is cool enough to let me write about personal things, to be a songwriter exploring the shadowy sides of love," Bentley tells Rolling Stone Country. "It's personal to us, but I also want it to be universal."

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