The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will auction off surplus tractors, boat packages, snowmobile and more on June 14th in New Ulm.  The sale starts at 9:30 AM at the Brown County Fairgrounds. A full list of items will be posted by June 4th at

Hopefully you can get a good deal and help out the Minnesota DNR at the same time.

I've been attending auctions for decades. My fantasy auction is usually one of an 80 or so year old man who lived his whole life with his mama. They're usually the type that never throw anything out. and then make it a two ringer with both auctioneers close enough so I can follow both. The action gets fast and furious! Just helping out at the Young Life Cake Auction taught me that it takes a lot out of a fellow. You need to be upbeat, look for bids and keep the bids straight in your head. It's a lot harder than you think. I had a classmate that went to auctioneering school but he got let go. The poor fellow was cross eyed. He'd be pointing and taking bids on his right while it appeared he was looking to his left. Everyone got confused. OK, I'm just kidding.  We have quite a few talented auctioneers around here. See how many of these local auctioneers you can name in your head. Name the auctioneer that always asks that you have your bidding number out and ready  cuz in the time it takes for you to find and hold up your number, he can sell one or two items. How about the auctioneer that often says "come on people, where you gonna find a nicer one than this?: and of course the local auctioneer that always mentions at least a few times that an item is the finest you're gonna find this side of Rose Crick.

If you can't attend the DNR auction, try to attend at least one sale this summer and learn the fun of going to an auction. By the way, did you know many auctioneers  audio record their auctions?