Sometimes when you are a "media person" or "local celebrity," you are automatically branded with the impression that you do not want to talk to anybody when you are at an event somewhere.

My situation is that I am a shy person and have a hard time sometimes around people I don't know. In a worst-case scenario, it can even become debilitating. But the other night, I was at a game and a lady came up to me and when she heard my voice, recognized who I was and thought it was kind of neat to come by and say hi. Maybe she does not have a computer so she can see the website and put names w/faces. But don't be afraid. We are here to serve our listeners, and we want feedback from you on things we can improve. And we want you to tell us the news in your towns. Submit events on the website, and feel free to send an email anytime to say what's on your mind.

Tonight, listen to wrestling on KDHL with Gordy Kosfeld and Tom Weeks. Tomorrow night, it's Mankato West vs. Faribault boys basketball for me. More on this tomorrow.

Make it a great day!