We all have them. Foods we just can't stand. Perhaps it's just your taste buds or texture preference. In some cases it may have been an incident that caused you to dislike a food. Here's a list of five foods I simply don't care for. What are some foods you just can't stand?

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    Plain and simple, I've never liked peas and never will. At least I've progressed to the point that I can tolerate them in other foods. As a kid, I'd pick the peas out of macaroni salad. We had a bachelor neighbor by the name of Louie who my parents would invite over for a meal once in a while. For some reason he ate his peas with a knife!

    Peas are one of two foods I just can't stand. townsquaremedia
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    Sweet Potatoes

    This one will strike a nerve with someone as I know plenty of people who just love sweet potatoes. Not me though. In grade school I'd just dread the smell as we entered the lunch room. This was back in the day when you ate everything on your plate or you'd miss recess. I can still see the feet of my classmates running around through the basement window and little Loren would be still sitting there staring at his sweet potatoes.

    I think I'd pick this as number one as far as foods I just can't stomach. Townsquaremedia
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    Mince Meat Pie

    OK, here's one I can't stand and I've never even tried it. In fact I wonder if mince meat pie is really even served anymore. Meat and spices and raisins and such just don't seem to mix, in my opinion. My parents liked it, or at least until they had it one time at a church dinner. My mother still talks about the stringy meat in that piece of mince meat pie. I don't think she's eaten it since.

    I've never even tried Mince Meat Pie and I doubt I ever will. townsquaremedia
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    It just doesn't taste like other meat. And as I got older and figured out what the liver really was and such, it just solidified my decision to stay clear of it.

    Maybe it if was really really smothered in onions, I'd try it again. Townsquaremedia
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    Whoa, bet this is a surprise. If I had an Oreo in front of me, I could eat it but I'd rather not. I'd flashback to the time I grabbed a whole pack of them and ran outside and ate every one of them. You can guess what happened next. My sister did the same thing with raspberries as a little kid. An overdose on fruit and she hasn't touched a raspberry since. Lessons learned I guess.

    Why do you think I'd have trouble eating Oreo's?