Just for the fun of it, I decided to take a look at some of the stuff being offered free on the local Craigslist. Not much to choose from, but remember it's free.

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    Heavily Stained Couch

    All I can think is what in the world did they spill to get that big of a stain on a couch. I suspect anyone who'd be willing to allow this in their home probably wouldn't have the money to own a vehicle to haul it home.

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    If it wasn't so unhandy to move, this would be useful for some folks. What a great playhouse for the kids. If only I would know when the tax assessor would stop at my place, I could hide it behind the barn and then pull it into the front yard the day before he arrives. But alas, he's crafty and usually shows up unannounced.

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    This is actually something useful. I bet someone picks this up.

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    For the garage or shed this would work fine. That is, if it works. There's a town out in Utah that's been the victim of thieves stealing Christmas gift deliveries left on porches. The residents are now trying to discourage the crooks by planting fake Christmas delivery boxes on their porches. One of the more popular items finding their way into one of these boxes is an old nonworking TV.

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    Moving Boxes

    Do they really think someone will drive to their home versus a store to get a few free cardboard boxes?

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