According to a recent survey conducted by Redbox, 96 percent of more than 1,100 customers plan to watch at least one holiday movie this year. About 95 percent said they would watch more than one and 62 percent said they watch holiday movies as a way to relax during the season. (That's my No. 1 reason.) Also, nearly half plan to give a movie as a gift.

Here are some more results:

The Best and Worst of the Holiday Season. Survey respondents felt exchanging gifts (31.3 percent), baking cookies (16 percent), sleeping in (13.4 percent) and watching holiday movies (12.6 percent) top their list of favorite holiday activities. The least favorite things reported about the holidays include shopping (33.1 percent), pretending to like unwanted gifts (23.6 percent) and traveling (16.7 percent).

A Family Tradition. Exchanging gifts (23 percent), decorating a tree (22 percent), hosting a meal with family (19.3 percent) and watching a holiday movie (17.4 percent) topped the list as time-honored holiday traditions

A Christmas Classic. According to the Redbox survey, both men and women declared “A Christmas Story” to be their favorite holiday movie of all-time (16.5 percent).

Across the Generations. While respondents younger than 30 declared “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” to be their favorite film (18 percent), respondents ages 30-49 preferred “A Christmas Story” (15.8 percent). Those older than 50 selected “It’s A Wonderful Life” as their favorite (24.1 percent).

Twice as Nice. Respondents to the Redbox “Holiday Favorites” Survey felt “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (51.7 percent), “Miracle on 34th Street” (31.7 percent) and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” (16.6 percent) are the best holiday movie remakes.

What A Character! While men voted Clark Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” as their favorite holiday movie character (15.8 percent), women preferred George Bailey from “It’s A Wonderful Life” (13 percent).

I plan to check out my usual favorites, including three versions of "A Christmas Carol." 1951's "Scrooge" with Allistar Sim, the '80s version with George C. Scott and the version with Patrick Stewart. My other favorites are the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen, "It's a Wonderful Life," "Home Alone," "A Charlie Brown Christmas," (which is 50 this year) and "The Grinch."