The story of a Dutchman's attempt at a romantic wedding proposal gave me the idea to post this question.  There are many unique stories.  In this man's case the resident of the central town of Ijsselstein rented a crane, planning to descend in front of his girlfriend's bedroom window first thing Saturday morning, play her a song and pop the question.  It was simply smashing, literally.  The crane toppled over, smashing a large hole in the neighbor's roof.  The man did climb to safety and nobody was hurt.  The girlfriend still said yes and after speaking with police, the pair traveled to Paris to celebrate.  While they went off the crane fell again during attempts to right it with a larger crane.  It bashed in the rest of the neighbor's roof.  The building was declared unsafe and six apartments had to be vacated.  I wonder what that bill will be when the couple return home ?  Jerry Groskreutz told us this morning he was so confident his wife would say yes, he proposed with no ring.  He actually said he wasn't confident in choosing a ring she would like and that's why after she said yes, they went to a jewelry store where she could pick out her own ring!  Please tell us how you proposed to your spouse!  It'll be fun to see the stories.