If you are traveling for the Labor Day weekend, be aware that there will be increased patrols looking for impaired drivers. Those patrols will be out Aug. 21 through Labor Day.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, in the past five years, 479 people have lost their lives in drunken driving-related crashes in Minnesota. Last year alone there were 88 deaths. Here are some other sobering statistics from 2014.

  • 2,040 people suffered injuries in alcohol-related crashes.
  • 25,258 motorists were arrested for DWI. That's an average of 70 per day.
  • The average blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers with a DWI was .15; the average BAC for a drunk driver involved in a fatal crash was .19.

The legal limit for Minnesota is .08.

A DWI conviction could cost you your license, your vehicle, increased insurance rates and fines in the tens of thousands of dollars. Plus you might do some jail time, it could cost you your job and, if you are in an accident, you could be permanently injured or lose your life. And maybe take someone else's in the process. It's not worth it, is it?