Do you ever wonder why you live in Minnesota? The best excuse I can come up with is I was born here and that is where the farm is! I guess that is a way of saying it's home. Actually we cannot complain because we have had a pretty nice winter so far. It has been a busy day getting all the cancellations on the air and our website. The bright side of being from Minnesota is we know how to deal with snow and slippery roads.

I saw a news report from New York City after the snow storm that hit them a couple of weeks ago. Some residents of New York City would not get their streets plowed for a week! That would not be acceptable in Minnesota! Our plows have been out since this morning shortly after it started snowing. Minnesotans use common sense, cancel activities, drive only when necessary, slow down, stay home if possible and help your neighbors. By the way, if you have unusual pictures of the snowstorm, text them to me at (507) 838-5141 and I will put them on our website.