I was at Valleyfair shortly after it opened in 1976. And was there a few times since. When I could do fast, spinning, hair-raising rides, one of the ones I did at the park was The Enterprise. Named after the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek, it spins you around faster and faster and lifts you up and spins for 90 seconds as it tilts on its axis until perpendicular with the ground. Riders are kept snug in their seats by the positive G-forces.(Not recommended for just after eating.)

The park announced Monday that the ride will close for good on August 21. A special ceremony will close the ride at that time.

The park is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. They did not announce what will be taking the ride's place but hinted they will be going to new heights in 2017. They expect to announce in mid-August plans for growth for 2017.

Valleyfair provided photo of Enterprise Ride