What fun things are there to do in southern Minnesota during this Halloween season?

My husband and I went to an apple orchard and then I thought of jack-o-lanterns, which turned into app-lo'lanterns. Yes, I thought about carving into an apple. There, however, would be no yummy roasted pumpkin seeds or a candle to make it glow, oh, and it wouldn't last very long. I still thought it would be cool. So that's what I did.

I did see a jack-o-lantern with the stem as the nose, meaning a little less carving. I did that with the apple also. There was one Halloween I noticed a pumpkin with a star and moon instead of a face, which I thought was pretty cool.

Halloween is also about costumes and scaring people. So here are some of the fun things to do before and for Halloween.

  • FarmAmerica in Waseca will have a haunted corn maze and mill. Both are fun. My husband and I went once and there was the chainsaw guy going through the cornstalks. The mill was small and fun. When we were waiting inside, a creature stood right behind my husband. It was very family friendly.
  • River Bend Nature Center in Faribault has haunted trails. One for the little treaters and one for those that can handle a little more. I would go with the little treaters.
  • Owatonna Park and Rec has their Trick or Treat Trail on Halloween. Little goblins will be able to get treats from businesses, plus there will be games and crafts to do.
  • Some Owatonna senior places invite ghosts and super heroes alike to trick or treat with them too.
  • Ellendale United Methodist Church has Trunk or Treat on Halloween. People will be in the parking lot with their decorated vehicles and trunks to hand out candy in a well-lit area. They have a "Traveling Trunk Trophy" to go along with the best decorated trunk.

I remember as a kid one of my friends made a haunted house and had a coffin or an "experimental" room with "body parts," which turned out to be anything but body parts.

My husband and I went through a haunted house on the State Fair grounds when we lived in the Cities. I lived through that OK.

I'm sure we will be hearing about more activities along the way. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for the fun.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.