During the summer we have another season. It is the Classic Car Season. There are lots of opportunities to see classic cars: on the road as they cruise by or parked at a show.

On Saturday, July 18, there was both the car show with about 70 cars and, after 1PM, a car cruise that started with a police escort. The car cruise went from Village of Yesteryear in Owatonna to Hope with a "pit stop" and then they made their way back to Owatonna.

The Classic Car Show and Car Cruise was part of a fundraiser for Gus' Station, which was moved from Ellendale to the Village of Yesteryear a couple of years ago. There was also a pancake breakfast.

I've been told that Gus' Station was a big part of Ellendale. It originally sat across from the school and the kids would go there to buy candy and hang out.

Gus' Station has been fixed up. It even has a couple of gas pumps out front. When you walk inside this little building it is pretty cool. On one wall, there is a framed box with bottle cap tops in it. On the wall right across from that, mostly the full width of the building is a blue and white "Standard Oil Products" sign that was found underneath the building covered in dirt and only has small rusty corners.

There are many tin cans on display and some candy, too.

I remember seeing this broken-down building that once looked like a gas station when we first moved to town. Well now that building is "fixed up" and fits very nicely with the Village of Yesteryear.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.