In early August, my husband and I brought in a stray kitten because we noticed him limping near our home.

We set him up in the "office" where he made a couple of very stinky messes. We were taking cat George to the vet to have his teeth checked out, so we brought the kitten with us. What to name the little guy? Well, Data, maybe Spock.

At the vet's office, Data checked out fine and stayed to be neutered. By the time we were home his named had changed to Zeke. We brought him home the next day.

Zeke sitting and relaxing, and just waiting to play. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media

He learned his name fast and then he found out about all the new rules he had to learn. "Zeke, get off the counter." "Zeke, get off the table." The little squirt gun came out. Then the two cats, well, had some issues. "Be nice to George." "Be nice to Zeke." Then I mentioned to Zeke that once he knew all the rules, there wouldn't be as many. He was learning about Lisa's Logic early.

With the cats having issues, we talked to a vet tech and the humane society plus looked online for advice. Basically, stop the fighting before it goes anywhere. So, it became "Hey" or "Knock it off." To tell the truth, it seemed to work. Odd noises were mixed in, too, and time to adjust.

Cat pheromone was another suggestion, and that can be expensive. It comes in dispensers, spray and collars.

Of course, play time is so important. That's been fun watching Zeke becoming a kitten, he's about 8 months old. Always true, kids and kittens, free stuff is the best. Zeke will chase after the toys, then we have to go to where all the toys are and throw them back so he chases them again. And so on. He's also a little more comfortable with jumping up for a toy and grabbing them in mid-air. He will carry them around in his mouth.

There was one early morning, Zeke was running from bedroom to bathroom, bathroom to bedroom, back to bathroom a few times. It was a very funny kitten moment.

Sometimes there is a purring contest. George has quite the purr motor and Zeke's purr is not far behind. George was gingerly walking around him and now he just kind of stares at Zeke. Sometimes Zeke will run up and stop right in front of George, who looks him like, "Chill out, dude."

Kitty cats George and Zeke sometimes have a purring contest. Sometimes George just has to wonder about that Zeke. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media

Some days they get along better than others. Of course, they cannot have that and arguing goes on. But every day seems better.

Feeding Zeke has been a bit different. He gobbled like he has and never will eat again. Hubby put in three clean golf balls in his dish. Boy, did that help.

Nothing like a challenge.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.