No worries, this will not need a "spoiler alert." Just will talk a little bit but nothing specific.

My husband and I watched the first six movies of the "Star Wars" series and decided Sunday the 27th would be the day to watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." We added to the billions and billions of dollars that they have made since its release on the 18th. The theater was not exactly packed, but it was full. The front two rows had room for a few more.

My husband and I ignored anything that would be talking about the movie, which was kind of hard since so much was surrounding it. They did not have to do much advertising to get people to go. I do not remembering seeing much for previews, maybe a release date, and that was good.

First we went to see family on Saturday for a small get-together. One of my brothers and his family did see the movie on Christmas Day and said that they were among about 20 people to see it, there anyway. My sister-in-law said there was no need to watch the first movies. They liked the movie. That's where the conversation ended because, well, they did not want to spoil it.

I will do the same, not spoil it. My husband and I liked the movie. Two thumbs up for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Of course, they left a cliff hanger, both figuratively and literally. One other note, the new lightsaber is pretty interesting.

Anyway, it is pretty cool how they keep the series going even with bringing in lots and lots of new people and a few that have been around for a while. And they just keep bringing us back time after time still telling us a good story. "May the force be with you."

Shining above, the sun is (a little Yoda-ism, yes) ... Think Happy Thoughts.