The Minnesota State Fair is still a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean people are not already talking about it and planning trips. In addition to having announced a great lineup of bands in the grandstand, the Minnesota State Fair now has people buzzing with talk of all of the new foods they can try this year! This year, there are 32 new foods to add to your state fair bucket list. On the list are some things that are just strange, some that are sure to be regional favorites, some that could be described as gourmet, and a few things that fall into the unique category.
Some of the items that caught my attention as being the most original included the Spam sushi; the fish-shaped waffle that is filled with ice cream and called Carpe Diem; gumbo frites; cheesy french onion monkey bread; the sheep-dog, a lamb dog served on a bun with sauteed kale, sauerkraut and honey mustard drizzle; the Minnesota corn dog with blueberries, wild rice and cayenne; paneer on a spear, which is beer-battered Indian-seasoned paneer cheese with tomato garlic chutney; and Spam makes a second appearance on the new foods list with Spam curds.

If the gumbo frites are too adventurous for your tastes, there are plenty of other new options including the Cracker Jack caramel sundae, a new twist on an old classic macaroni and cheese curds will be available this year, Iron Range meat and potatoes, burnt butt ends, deep fried grilled cheese bites and chocolate agate crunch.

Which item are you most likely to try?