On Thursday, the Minnesota State High School League board of directors approved a pitch count for baseball and the addition of consolation games to state basketball.

Effective with the 2017 season, pitchers who throw 76-105 pitches in a game will be required to have three days rest before pitching again, according to a report in the Star Tribune. The limit rises to 115 in the playoffs. Teams face forfeiture or suspension of a coach for violating the rule.

The high school league voted to add a consolation bracket back to the state basketball tournament. The consolation bracket was eliminated when the tournament expanded to four classes about 20 years ago. During this time, the team that lost the first game of the state tournament on a Wednesday morning could, in theory, be back to their school in time for lunch. Now each team will be guaranteed at least two games. Consolation games will be held at Concordia of St. Paul.

The MSHSL board also approved replay changes at the state basketball and hockey tournaments. In basketball, officials will now be able to review whether a shot was released before the end of a half or overtime. In hockey, the change will allow review of whether a penalty on the offensive team occurred before or after the puck crossed the goal line.