Now that's a strange topic. It all started when I wanted to learn more about Jabari Parker, a young star in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks. I was surprised to learn that he was Mormon and this got me to wondering how many other noteworthy athletes were or are Mormons. When I think Mormon I think Utah, BYU and the Osmonds. Utah has more than 2 million Mormons while Minnesota has just 30,000 or so. In fact, more of our neighboring states have even fewer, so it certainly isn't common in the upper Midwest.

Some famous athletes who are Mormons include golfers Johnny Miller and Bill Casper. Baseball players include Bryce Harper and Jeff Kent along with former Twins star Harmon Killebrew, who haled from Idaho, along with Minnesota-born Jack Morris.

Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, is a Mormon.

Now about the Vikings? They have had a number. Check out our list below.

I think some of the interest in Mormons is the practice of polygamy that some followed many ears ago. Mormons today believe in fidelity in a marriage and refrain from addictive substances such as caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Learning Andy Reid and Jack Morris are Mormons was the most surprising to me.

  • Darrel Bevel

    Former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrel Bevel now coaches in Seattle.

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  • Matt Asiata

    Running back Matt Asiata is a Mormon. He shares the Viking record for the most touchdowns in a game with three.

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  • Naufahu Tahi

    Fullback Naufahu Tahi led the patch for Adrian Peterson for a number of games in 2008 and continued on with the team through 2011.

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  • Mark Aspen

    Lineman Mark Aspen was a part of the Vikings roster for a few months in 2012.

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  • Sean Salisbury

    Backup quarterback Sean Salisbury is a Mormon. He warmed the Vikings bench for Jim McMahon, Warren Moon and Rich Gannon. He went on to a career in TV but that went south after he was caught in a sexting scandal.

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