I went in for a blood test this week. It hasn't been too long since Mayo started the policy of asking you to say your name and then spell your name and state your birth date when giving blood. I can understand the reason for this but I still smile. I got a firsthand taste of why this really is a good idea.

There are six of us waiting when the tech comes out and calls for Kermit. I'm thinking that other than a kid I went to school with I had never met anyone else with the name Kermit. A few seconds later the man comes out and sits back down in his chair. The tech is smiling and she asks for Kermit Last Name. Another man stands up and goes in. Interesting, two of the six people waiting are named Kermit.

Wrong. The tech comes back out and asks for Dennis. The first man who went in back when she called Kermit now rises again and goes in back for his blood draw. OK, Dennis apparently thinks his name is Kermit? Or did Dennis hear his name when they called Kermit? Then of course, why didn't the second or real Kermit stand up when he heard his name?

Either way it was a bit amusing. I even left with a smile as I found out that young gal that took my blood was a classmate of my daughter's. I didn't recognize her. They grow up fast.