I'm too old to get any kicks out of opening Christmas presents anymore. But old stuff, that's another story. A while back I purchased a box of old Ellendale Eagles and I was sorting through them and I found a sealed envelope. It read to (I won't say the name) from mom. It was dated February 6, 1944. Ooh! I opened it up and it was a 25th anniversary booklet for the Trinity English Lutheran Church dated 1944. So here's a few pictures to take a gander at and maybe someone will see an ancestor? By the way, I have no connection to this church, so if someone wants it, just let me know, otherwise it'll go back in my playhouse and you'll have to pay for it at my estate sale.

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    Inside Trinity

    Here's the interior of the church in 1944

    Here's the interior of Trinity Lutheran in 1944.
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    Here are the 1944 trustees. Recognize anyone?

    Here are the Trustees and Officers of the Church from 1944
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    I googled a few of the names of the deacons. A couple of these men were in the bakery business and I suspect Mr. Gandrud may have had something to do with Gandy?

    The Deacons and 1944 Pastor Fjelstad
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    Sunday School Teachers

    Sunday school teachers and officers from 1944. There were a lot of them.

    1944 Sunday School teachers and officers
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    High League

    These young folks comprised the High League in 1944. Recognize anyone?

    I'm guessing these were the High Schoolers who were members?