I have never lived anywhere outside the state of Minnesota, but I have lived in a few different areas: Minneapolis, Aitkin, McGregor, Aitkin again, Fridley and then back to Minneapolis. Not much unusual about these names. But I came up with a list of some unusually named towns in Minnesota. See what you think.

  • Alpha: Located off of I-90 between Worthington and Fairmont, population 116. Is there an Omega, Minnesota? Apparently no one wanted that name.
  • Arco: Located in Lincoln County, population 75. named after Arcola, Italy.
  • Argyle: I hear this and think of the old-style argyle socks. It is in Marshall County, population 639.
  • Beaver Bay and Beaver Creek. I wonder how often these towns get mixed up. Beaver Bay is in Lake County, population 181, and Beaver Creek is in Rock County, population 297
  • Blomkest: In Kandiyohi County, population 157. Its downtown spans three blocks.
  • Bock: In Mille Lacs County, named by railroad officials in 1892, population 106.
  • Chickamaw Beach: In Cass County, population 113.
  • Climax: In Polk County, population 267. These days you can just imagine the innuendo and other comments that happen with this town's name.

And my personal favorite:

  • Nimrod: Located in Wadena County, one of the smallest incorporated towns in Minnesota. My dad used to call me this when I did something dumb sometimes.

There are many others to explore another time.