A reminder that Friday, May 1, is the deadline to submit nominations for this year's Steele County Livestock Hall of Fame. Forms are available at the fair office.

The Culinary Arts Department at the fair is in need of volunteers for Monday, Aug. 17, to help with entries and during judging. Three people are needed from 1-5PM or possibly later. There is also a need for seven people to work from 5-10PM. If you can help, contact Monica Kruschke at (507) 213-1854.

This year's display at the Wells Fargo Auto Museum will feature cars from the 1960s. If you have one or know of someone who would be willing to display their car, contact Les Abraham at (507) 451-6455 or Sandy Macintosh at (507) 573-1260.

Dates for this year's fair: Aug. 18-23.