So, what is the Steele County Warrant Workout Day? The place to start is to realize that if you or someone you know has an active Steele County warrant, it won't simply go away. I was talking about this with a friend and he mentioned that he had a friend that had received a DWI quite a long time ago. His friend just kept putting it off and then out of the blue he's arrested and now sitting in jail. That brought back memories of an acquaintance of mine who had done something in Mower County years ago. Same story, while at work in come the officers and they cuff him and lead him away.

The Warrant Workout Day is Thursday, August 4, from 2-4PM at the Steele County Courthouse, 111 E. Main St. in Owatonna.

There will be a number of resources on hand to help you work some things out and get needed information at a convenient time. Present on the 4th will be:

  • Public Defender
  • Steele County Attorney
  • Blooming Prairie City Attorney
  • Probation Services Office
  • Department of Corrections
  • Diversion Solutions (Driving and Property Crimes)
  • Schedule next court date and make fine payments.

You can find out more by calling the Court Administration at (507) 444-7701.