and the traveling salesman pounded on the farm house door. The young maiden answered the door and, sorry, this isn't gonna be a joke.  We sat around the table with the saleman on this June evening in 09. My wife turned the tables and sold him something. Our goose was cooked. The salesman not only owes us money but he hasn't made a sale yet and it's storming outside. We agree to buy and sign the paper for automatic withdrawals. The plan is to cancel the check as soon as possible.

We forget....until one morning in January I wake up thinking about it... I ask my wife if they were still taking money out of her account for it.. Yes, she said... Our eyes light up and we dash to the kitchen and begin picking through the drawers like cat nipped cats and a roll of toilet paper.. We find it!!!!  It's my Heart Attack insurance policy.  It took a while but they paid off recently.. Did you know there was such a thing? It sure made a difference..and we had forgotten to cancel the check. Today is the 6 month anniversary of my triple by pass after my heart attacks. I guess I'm doing alright. Yesterday I hoed 4 rows in the garden, pushed the mower for half an hour, drilled 6 fence posts and built part of a fence..and I haven't had heartburn once since the surgery. I had been suffering from IT(meaning it could very well have been angina) since March of 2000.. I reckon I'm being watched over, don't you think? If you have an inkling that something isn't right, check it out with your doctor..OK?