The mission of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is to support citizens and first responders working together to build and improve the capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from all hazards, according to a recent press release.

To ensure that the Fourth of July weekend is safe as we celebrate, FEMA released a few safety tips.

  1. Use only legal fireworks in the area.
  2. Adults should always be supervising activities involving fireworks and children should never ignite or play with fireworks. One-quarter of firework injures in emergency rooms are from sparklers.
  3. Be sure to have water in a bucket close by in case of malfunctioning fireworks.
  4. Soak fireworks in water if they malfunction and throw away. Do Not try to light them again.
  5. Fireworks never should be lit in any sort of container.
  6. Be sure the grill is away from your home, deck railings and not under branches.
  7. Gas grills should be open before lighting.
  8. Grill tray build-up of grease and fat should be removed to reduce igniting.
  9. Kid and pet-free zone around the grill is recommended at three feet.
  10. Be aware loose clothing could catch fire while cooking.

FEMA and American Red Cross want us to be prepared. Have a fire escape plan and with the nice weather, stay safe in the water, too.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July Holiday!  Oooh and aaaaah and stay safe.

Remember to leave your pets safely at home as you enjoy the fireworks. The fireworks are much, much louder to them.