In the closet of our KRFO/Kat Kountry studios tucked back in a corner is a game that was made specifically for the area. Trivia Game Productions from Rochester came around in the early 1990s, ad exec John Connor said. They made games out of trivia from the county and radio stations asked advertisers to have places on the board.

Steele County Trivia is a board game that is similar to "Sorry" in its board set-up and rules. Here are some of the notes from the cards (remember, this is from the early 1990s):

  • Walter H. Gainey Park was the first handicapped accessible children's playground.
  • Maple Creek runs through Brooktree Golf Course and its original nine holes opened in 1963.
  • Do you remember these companies: Tincher, Peterson & Sincock Insurance, Sinclair Oil, Malm Jewelers, Zufall Fab, Schultz Real Estate, R & C Appliance, Hudrlik Furniture and Pillsbury Baptist Bible College.
  • Harland's Tire and Auto in 1952 was first located at 118 W. Rose and moved to their current location in 1959.
  • "RFO" in KRFO stands for Radio From Owatonna.
  • Sette Sports Center first opened in 1967.
  • KSW is named for its original owners: Jim Kenny, Syl Severson and Bob Weller. They started roofing and heating in 1971.

Here is some Steele County trivia from the Trivia Game Productions cards:

  • Steele County's first census was in 1857.
  • Steele County is approximately 427 square miles.
  • Steele County's approximate population in 1970 was 26,930; in 1980 it was 30,328; in 1990 it was 37,294.