Gordy Kosfeld is going to have a severe weather awareness show on Thursday morning.  I thought I would touch on things with regards to what to do when the electrical service goes out. Xcel Energy put out some reminders for before and after the storm. If your home is not on Xcel, you should check with your provider, they probably have similar plans and information.

Before the storm, check and see if you can sign up for notifications about outages and make sure you have your utility provider's phone number written down. Along with that, write down your account number so it's easier for them to find you when you call.

According their news release, here are some other ways you can stay safe.

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume an electric line, even one that is on or near the ground, is energized and therefore dangerous. Never, under any circumstance, touch or move a downed power line. If you come across a downed power line, leave the area and report it immediately.
  • Build a home emergency kit. Assemble an easily accessible kit that you can rely on in the event of a power outage. Useful items may include:
    • Your utility companies
    • Battery-powered radio or television
    • Flashlights
    • Batteries
    • Back-up phone chargers
    • A phone that does not require electricity
    • Non-electric alarm clock
    • Bottled water and nonperishable food
    • Manual can opener
    • First-aid kit
    • Extension cords (for partial outages)
    • Manufacturer's instructions on how to manually open power-operated doors (e.g., garage doors)

Tune in for more tips on Thursday morning and watch for more helpful information.