Let's go back to the old Playhouse and drag some more stuff out and see if you know what it is. I'll post the answers at the bottom. Don't peek ahead.

  • 1

    What might this be?

    A. It looks kind of like an old TV. You'd have to be fairly old to have seen this at work.

    It's not a TV. townsquaremedia
  • 2

    This item features a lot of glass

    B. This one might be a little easier to identify. The company is still in business.

    The company that made this is still in business. townsquaremedia
  • 3

    Strange looking thing

    C.I think someone will get this one. You may even have one of these lying around somewhere.

    There's a chance some of you may even use this tool today. townsquaremedia
  • 4

    There's More To This Then What Meets The Eye

    D. OK, it's a Corvette with a plug and the hood is open. But what is it?

    It's a Corvette, but what was it used for? townsquaremedia
  • 5

    A Glass Thing With A Cord

    E. Odd looking glass thing with a plug. It's from the 1920s.

    Why would you need a plug on this item? townsquaremedia
  • 6

    The Answers

    A. This is an old x-ray reader. It would hang on the wall and the doctor would clip the x-ray to it, shut the lid and turn on the light and look it over.

    B. This is simply an electric heater. It was made by a company in Geneva, Illinois. They're still in business but they now focus on stock tank heaters.

    C. It's an old sheep shearer. Looks like hard work.

    D. This little Corvette is actually a VCR tape rewinder.

    E. It's a baby bottle warmer.

    How did you do?

    How did you do? townsquaremedia