I'm not going to repeat what probably many of your friends have said about our presidential candidates. The fact is the candidate slate is set and we all need to make a choice. A lot of my choices for president have consisted of picking what I consider the lesser evil. I've tried to find something positive to hang my hat on. The best I could do is the Green Peace candidate. I understand she likes trees. I like trees too. Not really enough reason to select our nation's leader. Then the answer fell into my lap last week.

My wife happened to mention that she might as well vote for Candidate A for some reason that I don't remember. Aha, that's who I will vote for! I'll vote for Candidate B and cancel out her vote. They say you shouldn't complain about who gets elected if you don't vote. So, I'll vote and cancel out her vote and won't really help either one get in and still be able to complain. It kind of falls into place. After 25 years of marriage we never agree on anything, so why start now? On Sundays in the fall she parades around the house in her Viking horns while I'm in my shed wearing my cheese head. I get up on fall mornings freezing to death because she was hot and has opened the window.

Looking back on the decades that I have voted for president, I now think that my favorite candidate is actually someone I didn't vote for. Another candidate I really liked turned out to be a complete disappointment.

So there you have it. Find out who my wife is going to vote for and I'll be voting for the other candidate. Will it be Andrew Jackson or Warren Harding that I vote for? Read up on these two former presidents and see if you don't get the same feeling that I have.