I watched the 40th Anniversary Special on Sunday night. When the show started, I was in seventh grade; don't think I could stay up that late on Saturday night and I think I had only a small 13-inch black and white TV at the time. But I would watch sometimes over the years, so I knew who most of the people were. Some have aged well.(Jane Curtain looks pretty good yet), but others not so well. Seemed like Chevy Chase hard a hard time talking and his voice sounded different.

I thought the Jeopardy and Californians skits went a little too long, But it was great to see a Wayne's World sketch again. Could have done without Miley Cyrus singing a Paul Simon song, and I think Kanye West could have been eliminated. But It was an overall great show and it had to be hard to decide what to get into 3.5 hours. What are your thoughts? Have a great day!