Xcel Energy, and I suspect other area utilities, are making plans to go on the attack should we end up with a big-time storm this weekend. Xcel has a list of some storm tips and a few are some I hadn't thought of. Here's a few of them:

  • Obviously stay away from any downed power line. It's just common sense to assume it is live. Better safe than sorry.
  • Keep natural gas meters clear of snow. If there should be ice buildup, it's better to call your utility to have them chip it off gently.
  • Build a home emergency kit. Here's a couple of things I hadn't thought about including: a non-electric alarm clock and a manual can opener. I hadn't thought about those before. Also include in your kit bottled water and nonperishable food, first aid kit, battery-powered radio or television along with flashlight and extra batteries.

Here's hoping it doesn't get too bad, but it's better to be prepared just in case.

The winter storm warning begins Friday at noon and continues into Saturday. Frigid temperatures, possibly quite a few inches of snow and strong winds on Saturday are forecast.