Hey if you are a music lover and want to display that love I have easy ideas for you! Or if your dad or grandpa has vinyl records, they are thinking of throwing them away then take them and turn them into something new and fun! Here are 10 different ways to display and use Vinyl Records:

  1. Display it as wall art

One of the simplest things you can do to elevate your wall décor is simply by displaying vinyl's on your wall. All you need is vinyl records and wall pudding, and the sky is your limit.

  1. Or Paint it how you want and display it as wall art

Wanna go a step above? Then paint vinyl records however you please and display them. Cover the whole thing with a picture, just paint the sticker, just paint on the vinyl, or dump acrylic paint on it to make cool marbled wall art.

  1. Make Shelves

This is something I have wanted to do for a while but just don’t know where I would put them. All you do is melt and fold one edge into the right angle. You can use an iron, or blow-dryer or boil an inch of water in a flat-bottomed heat-resistant container and dip the record into the hot water. Then just bend where you want on the vinyl at a 90-degree angle.

  1. Make book holders

This is pretty much the same as a shelve but just for your books!

  1. Make a wine rack

Very similar to the previous idea, however instead of stopping at a 90-degree angle, just have a wine bottle ready and fold the hot part of the vinyl around it. This creates a curved perfect shape to hold the bottle.

  1. Make vinyl bowls

This is a really popular option too! According to Wiki How, you can make a bowl out of a vinyl record by warping the record over a bowl in the oven. Use a metal or glass heat-safe bowl. Heat an oven up to 200-250 degrees and just keep an eye on the record so it doesn't melt! Take it out once it starts to lose shape then reshape it with your hands (warning it’s going to be hot) and do this for 10 minutes. Open windows and turn on a fan before you start! Melting vinyl puts off fumes that aren't safe to breathe.

  1. Make it into a clock

All you need to do is either disassemble an old clock or buy clock hands and ensemble with a Vinyl record!

  1. Use them as coasters

I want to do this myself too! Take as many 33’s as you can and then cut it down to the circle size you want (somewhere within the run-out area) and there you go.

  1. Make a windchime or mobile

This works best with 7’’ or 45’s. All you do is drill a tiny hole on the edge or the record and hang how you please on a stick, or ring of wood!

  1. Make a side table

I saw this one on TikTok and now I want to do this too! Just take a plant stand or make your own legs via products from Home Depot. I have also seen people add records to the top of stools too!

Some ideas were inspired by this list on whatisvinyl.com and the videos provided from TikTok.

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