It is now that time of year when all Minnesotans will have our heaters on till honestly April. But as you all know; the cost of heating is increasing this winter in Minnesota! We all want to stay warm during this winter (it’s predicted to be a cold one too), so here are some things you can do to save money on your heating bill, but still feel nice and cozy at home.

  1. Set your thermostat lower when you’re not home.

With today’s thermostats, it is super easy to do so! Set a timer or schedule when the thermostat should lower or turn off and when to turn it back on! I have mine off from 8 am to 3 pm so the heat is not on while I’m at work. Reducing your thermostat a single degree can save you up to 10 percent on your heating bill, notes.

  1. Keep curtains closed during the day or when you are not home.

By keeping your curtains and blinds closed adds another obstacle for the cold to overcome. I would do this unless there is direct sunlight hitting your windows, then keep them open to create a greenhouse effect. You can also invest in thicker curtains for your windows.

  1. Invest in cheap installation tricks.

My dad used to wrap window plastic around our windows in the house I grew up in because it was an older house. I didn’t think it did a lot, but as I grew older I found that it actually helped so much, especially with little leaks.

  1. Close off unused rooms and vents.

One of the easiest ways to traffic your heated air and save money is to close rooms and vents in rooms that don’t get as much use. That way the heated air goes to the places you occupy most.

  1. Use your in-home heating sources (safely).

I mean this safely, but if you are ever cooking a pizza or cookies in your oven crack it open for a little bit to give your house that heat. Or you could always just make soup, roasts in a crock-pot, or spaghetti.

  1. Make yourself and your home cozy.

Even turning down the temperature in your home just a few degrees can still make a great difference in your bill. So turn it down a little and spend nights in sweaters and blankets. Maybe even get a rug or two to keep the heat in.

  1. Invest in an electric blanket.

In continuation of the previous suggestion, this could be a good one! Lower the thermostat at night and sleep or hang out under an electric blanket, that way you will still be warm and cozy.

  1. Use the ceiling fan trick.

I did not know this, but in an article from Bring Me The News, it is point out that if you have a ceiling fan in your room, run it clockwise, that way it pushes down the warm air at the top of the room.

  1. Try the stove top humidifier.

This one sounded interesting while I was doing research! According to Geico, fill a pot with water and set it on the stove. Add some lemon slices and cinnamon sticks to the pot, and turn to a boil. Then you can enjoy the added humidity and a lovely smell!

  1. Invest in a space heater.

If all else fails or you just want one, go grab a space heater! Walmart and Target have fairly cheap ones, but Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot have great options too.

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