Today is International Artist Day. Art is something that fills our world with ways to express ourselves when words cannot. art can be paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, music, clothing, etc. Without it, our world would be so cold and boring, and so here’s a reminder that there are creative and wonderful artists right here in Minnesota.

National Today notes that art “portrays the beauty of life or a bitter reality. It records history, revolutions, and rebellions, and sometimes is a means to escape them. In short, there is no history or culture without art.” And that just reminds me to put into perspective another way art is so important for us. Not only this, but we as humans probably wouldn’t know how to function in some ways without art.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I wanted to do a little research on Minnesota artists, and after scrolling through websites and articles here are a couple of artists, I think you should check out:

Christina Johnson

Christina creates a variety of paintings and drawings on her profile, usually ranging from flowers, to gorgeous landscapes, to house portraits.

Lindsy Halleckson describes Halleckson’s paintings as calming as they “reference the sky and weather and connect the viewer of her art to nature.”

Neal Peterson

He is best known for his Urban Mandalas around the world. But shares examples of his Another Nature series (2021). This series consists of nine paintings about “human experience, condition, and nature. Made with black Sumi-ink and white acrylic paint on toned tan paper,” as described on

Lizzie Christian

Lizzie Christian is a words of affirmation printmaker. With pieces stating “your patience will pay off” surrounded by flowers, as well as funky yet cute modern designs on pouches and mugs, she is so talented and creative.

Leeya Rose Jackson

The art director, multi-disciplinary artist and creative founder of Noisemakers Design, Leeya Rose Jackson is just outstanding. explains that “Jackson describes her own art as loud — full of patterns, color and culture. As a queer Black woman, Jackson’s inspiration comes from representing the “beauty and joy of the general BIPOC community and LBTQIA+ community,” she said.

Bobby Rogers

A photographer who currently serves as the official photographer for the Walker Art Center. notes that his work as a visual artist is centered around his multiple identities as a Black, millennial Muslim.

Gully Boys

If you grew up on alt-rock, you need to check out Gully Boys. Consisting of three members the rock trio plays a style that blends grunge, a little bit of emo, and some early punk as explained by

While this is what I included today, there are so many artists to check out who create so many forms of art. Check out the following site links to see other artists

All information and inspiration on artists to include is credited to the websites listed above.

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