I don't know if you caught this story but a family in Lakewood, Colorado bought a box of Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal at their local Walmart. The wife noticed a different taste after a couple spoonfuls while her hubby ate a whole bowl. What did you expect? He's a guy. Anyway it turns out the box had a best used by date of February 22, 1997. So how did a 21 year old box of Quaker cereal end up on a Walmart shelf? Walmart said they're going to investigate. Here's a link to the Cereal Story.

The best if used by date is basically a guideline. However the expiration date is a different thing and should be left alone. However in this case, 21 years is a little long to take the chance of eating.

I admit I'm one of those who lives on the edge when it comes to eating food that is probably a bit too old. I just have a trouble throwing out food. Just recently I had some left over pork roast that tasted a bit funny but was OK after covering it in pickles. The pickles didn't really do the trick and I paid the price the following day.

OK guys raise your hand if your house is like mine and so many others my male friends have told me. If we take left overs and eat it we get in trouble because our wives planned on either eating it or using it. If we don't touch the leftovers we get called on the carpet for not eating as we have now wasted food. It's a lose/lose situation for me. I know I'm not alone in this situation based on what many of male friends tell me. Here's what you can do. If you notice a new leftover, move it to the back of the fridge and hide it. She may forget about it if she doesn't see it. Then after a day or two reach in back and pull it out and enjoy. Make sure to wash and put the container away right away to avoid detection.

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