Working from home has only gotten easier since the onset of COVID-19...but that is only true when the technology works.

Though I'm fairly certain everyone has had their fair share of software problems, it doesn't get easier when you experience them.

One of Kat Kountry's recording software is on the fritz today, which I'm sure some of you noticed. It'll be a quiet day on air, but don't worry, if you miss us that much you can always chat with us on the Kat Kountry app.

I will admit, I'm not a technology person. I get confused and frustrated when I don't understand how things work, and for the most part, I don't know how technology works.

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As stressful as technology issues are to deal with on my side, I am certainly glad I am not in the IT department. Bless those smart guys!

Hopefully, all will be well by late afternoon or by tomorrow. We appreciate our listeners. You keep us going (even when technology fails us).

An important reminder (since we can't bother you on air today): It is the last week for Kat Kountry's Cash Cow. Make sure you tune in at the top of every hour for a new keyword. Your chances to win $10,000 are dwindling, so you can't afford to miss any!

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Alright. That's all from me today. Let's chat tomorrow ().

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