Travel is becoming more and more popular again. I'm sure this summer will be the most popular the roads and airports have been since the start of the pandemic. It's evident that travel is coming back because of flights being added and there's even an airline coming back to Minnesota. It's the first time they've offered their services to the US since the start of COVID.

These flights take you from MSP to Europe, so it makes sense that they haven't been available since 2020. But my favorite part is that these are also 'cheap' flights to Europe. I say 'cheap' in quotes because no flight to Europe is cheap cheap but this airline is more affordable than others.

I actually hadn't heard of this airline before, they're called Condor and they're headquartered in Germany. They have brought back their seasonal direct flights from MSP to Frankfurt, Germany, according to Bring Me the News. They have other flight routes but this is the big direct one that's coming back.

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This makes me super excited because my husband and I want to take a trip to Germany in the next few years. We're hoping next year but we'll see how everything goes pandemic-wise! We want to go for Oktoberfest but that's been canceled the past few years because of COVID. We'd hate to buy tickets and everything for the trip just to have the event we're going for canceled again.

Anyway, back to these cheap flights to Germany! These flights will be available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from June 1st until September 16th. After browsing flights for a little, I've found flights as cheap as $259.99! That's so cheap for an international flight! Now, that's before any fees, that's only one way, and that's for one person, but that's still a crazy deal.

Let's compare that price to Delta. The $259.99 flight I found is flying out of MSP on Monday, July 4th. Flying Delta from MSP to Frankfurt on Monday, July 4th would cost you $792 for one person, one way, and before fees. Plus there's a layover for that flight. So yeah, Condor is definitely the more affordable way to go and it's exciting they're coming back to Minnesota!

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