It's not hard to find a car show in Minnesota, but it may be a bit harder to find a sock hop. That's why this car show is distinct. Not only can you view classic cars, but you can dance like you're in another decade.

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The "Return To The 50's" classic car show and sock hop is Wednesday, June 30th from 4-7 pm. Held by the Traditions of Owatonna, the event features a burger stand, ice cream sundaes, music, face painting, drawings, and more.

There is no entry or registration fee, but there is a $250 People's Choice Award! 

The event is hosted at 195 24th Place NW in Owatonna and is sponsored by South Side Speed Shop.

Now, I've never been to a sock-hop, but I do have an appreciation for '50s music. According to, these were the TOP songs of the '50s.

  1. 'That's Amore' by Dean Martin (1953)
  2. 'Come Fly With Me' by Frank Sinatra (1958)
  3. 'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley (1957)
  4. 'I Walk The Line' by Johnny Cash (1956)
  5. 'I've Got You Under My Skin' by Frank Sinatra (1953)
  6. 'In The Mood' by Glenn Miller (1955)
  7. 'All Shook Up' by Elvis Presley (1957)
  8. 'La Bamba' by Ritchie Valens (1958)
  9. 'You Make Me Feel So Young' by Frank Sinatra (1953)
  10. 'Great Balls of Fire' by Jerry Lee Lewis (1957)
  11. 'Love Me Tender' by Elvis Presley (1956)
  12. 'Johnny B. Goode' by Chuck Berry (1958)
  13. 'Rock Around The Clock' by Bill Haley & His Comets (1956)
  14. 'When I Fall In Love' by Nat King Cole (1956)
  15. 'Mack The Knife' by Bobby Darin (1959)

What are your thoughts on this list? What's missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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