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Minneapolis (KROC AM News) - Another man who took part in the chaos and destruction in the Twin Cities that broke out in May 2020 following the death of George Floyd has been sentenced to prison.

A federal judge in Minneapolis sentenced 21-year-old Samuel Frey of Brooklyn Park to 27 months in prison followed by two years of supervised release. He is also on the hook for nearly $34,000 in restitution. He pleaded guilty last year to one count of conspiracy to commit arson.

Sherburne County Jail
Sherburne County Jail

The US Attorney's office says Frey was among those involved in the property damage that occurred in the Midway area of St. Paul on May 28, 2020.

Protests Continue Over Death Of George Floyd, Killed In Police Custody In Minneapolis
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According to the office:

"Frey and co-defendant 21-year-old McKenzy Dunn “joined other individuals who had gathered near the Great Health and Nutrition store located at 1360 University Avenue West, in St. Paul. Frey and others arrived together to the Midway area near University Avenue and walked through multiple businesses before they arrived inside the Great Health and Nutrition retail store. While inside the store, Frey poured a bottle of hand sanitizer onto a shelving unit located on the floor. Frey then lit paper on fire and placed the flaming paper where he had poured the hand sanitizer. Frey poured on more hand sanitizer to accelerate the fire. The Great Health and Nutrition store sustained fire damage because of Frey’s conduct."

The US Attorney’s office says Dunn pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson and was sentenced last year to three years of probation and $31,578 in restitution.

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