Welcome to spring. It's nice to be outside. Except for some areas like Hastings, where the Gnats are visious this year.

According to residents on a KSTP report, it seems to happen in seconds that you have a bunch of bites on you. Also in the report at Hastings Veterinary Clinic, workers said they get at least 20 calls a day from people worried about the bite marks showing up on their pets.

Veterinarian Tony Cologgi says pet owners should consider using flea and tick medication as many of them contain repellents that can help.

Mike McLean with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District told KSTP  he's getting reports of similar swarms of these aggressive, biting gnats in several communities along rivers across Minnesota.

He said the bugs hatch in those areas and normally his agency can treat with chemicals to prevent the gnats from hatching. But, because of the long winter and late snowfall caused high water levels that stopped them from being able to do treatments. The good news is the gnats don't usually stay around very long, and their numbers should fall within a few days.

Coming very soon the Mosquito.


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