I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Minnesota State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children is a fascinating piece of Owatonna's history.

If you haven't visited the museum or learned about the school's intriguing history, your perfect chance has arrived.

The Steele County Historical Society is hosting a new program called "Conversations with Peter Razor--Schooler and Award-Winning Author."

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The event will begin on Thursday, August 5th at 6 pm at the Steele County History Center (1700 Austin Road in Owatonna).

Folks have a unique chance to hear stories about the State School from someone who experienced life there. At two years of age in 1930, Razor arrived at the orphanage. His tales are numerous and full of many emotions.

Many years later, Razor published the book "While The Locust Sleep." The book recounts the trauma of his youth and the lessons he learned at an early age. The novel creates a wholistic look at life inside of the school.

Razor will go into further details about stories and events during his stay, and he will also autograph books.

The event is free to members and $5 for non-members.

Facebook users expressed their excitement on the Minnesota State Public School page.

Darlene B wrote:

"I encourage you to read the book. I read it and was really "into" the book. It humbled me to know what he endured! I have great admiration for him!"

Cheryl J wrote:

"Peter has never left my mind since the day I read this book. I have always wanted to meet this dear man ! Can’t wait !!!"

Whether you've read the book or not, the night will be filled with entertaining, hard-to-believe, and heart-wrenching stories.

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