Abbott Nutrition is recalling three brands of its baby formula after four reported cases of bacterial infections in infants, one of whom died. 

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According to an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration, the Chicago-based company is recalling its Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare brands of powder baby formula. 

The FDA first received concerns about the products in September when the Minnesota Department of Health reported an infant who had contracted cronobacter sakazakii, a rare foodborne illness that hospitalized the baby for 22 days. 

The illness causes fever, poor feeding, excessive crying, and low energy as well as other serious symptoms.

In the past few months, two more cases linked to the formula were reported. One of these cases proved fatal, though the FDA explained the death wasn't "confirmed to be solely attributable to cronobacter infection." 

In addition, one family reported a case of Salmonella Newport linked to the formula.

According to the news release, Abbott tested its facility for the two bacteria. They did find cronobacter sakazakii in its Michigan plant but did not see any signs of Salmonella Newport. 

All three brands manufactured at the Sturgis facility with an expiration date of April 1, 2022, or later are now being recalled. 

Joe Manning, executive vice president at Abbott said:

"We know parents depend on us to provide them with the highest quality nutrition formulas. We're taking this action so parents know they can trust us to meet our high standards, as well as theirs. We deeply regret the concern and inconvenience this situation will cause parents, caregivers, and health care professionals."

To determine if you have an impacted product, check the number on the bottom of the container. Recalled products will have a number with the first two digits between 22 and 37 and include K8, SH, or Z2.


You can check if your formula has been affected here.

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