A well-known distillery and cocktail lounge will host an immersive "Beauty and the Beast" cocktail experience beginning this month until May 21st

Stilheart Distillery & Cocktail Lounge will host this Victorian Cocktail party and is a perfect opportunity to experience the new culture and “experience” that is cocktail lounges and bars with activities. Whether you want to experience it with your partner, friends, or family, it is honestly such a fun thing to immerse in.

The same lounge that brought you into the world of Alice in Wonderland is now bringing you into a world based on the Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont fairytale.

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In a description of the experience, the 90-minute journey takes you “into the enchanted and cursed world of Beauty & The Beast. You’re invited to an elegant, Victorian cocktail party. You’ll be invited to sample from the Castle’s finest delights (of the alcoholic and edible variety), but be careful not to overstay your welcome to take anything that’s not yours - or you may not get home at all!”

The experience will include

  • *Creating two bespoke themed cocktails.
  • *Solving riddles and challenges to lift the curse and escape the enchanted Castle
  • *And more!

Just some slight spoilers here: this experience is an escape room, a theatre show and an adventure all blended into one really fun experience!

Tickets for the 21+ only event are $47 per person, which you can purchase online here!

On explorehidden.com, they do advise that you should arrive early:

Please note there is a lockout after 15 minutes where you will be refused entry. The experience is a performance and arriving later than 15 minutes is disruptive to the actors and other customers - we therefore will not accept customers who are later than that time period and you will need to transfer to a new date/time. Please aim to arrive early to avoid this!

So book a ticket now because they are selling out!

All information is credited to explorehidden.com.

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