Profinium Dreams Foundation recently has gifted Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota $7,000 to assist in achieving their mission of supporting youth in Southern Minnesota through mentoring!

The Profinium Dreams Foundation, located in Fairmont, believes in helping those at tipping point moments in their lives, making an impact in our communities, and supporting & educating youth.

A press release from Profinium late last week shares a quote from Michelle Redman, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN:

“Many think being a Big means making a significant impact in a child’s life and that can seem overwhelming. When really all it means to be a Big is to be friend. Having the funding to be able to share that message and find mentors is truly making an impact for the communities we serve.”

Fred Krahmer, Profinium Dreams Foundation Board Chairman also shared the following:

“When we started conversations with Michelle at Big Brothers Big Sisters, we were looking for individuals at tipping point moments of their lives where a positive change could assist in achieving a dream. It became very apparent to us that being in the mentoring program was the tipping point moment for youth. Knowing that having mentors is what keeps these programs thriving, we wanted to help fund the awareness of the program and help Big Brothers Big Sisters source mentors for youth on the waiting list.”

Not only did Profinium Dreams Foundation gift Big Brothers Big Sisters, but also gifted $7,000 to Kinship of Martin County and Mankato Family YMCA Brother/Sister Mentoring Program with the similar goal of helping support the mission of finding mentors, according to the recent press release.

The Profinium Dreams Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of Fred W. Krahmer (Chairman), Fred C. Krahmer, Michelle Krahmer (Secretary), Marques Doppler, Ken Gronewold, Jeremiah Gaul, and Karen Legault. Feel free to check out their website here.

All information is credited to the press release from The Profinium Dreams Foundation.

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