Big & Rich are ready to take on country radio with their new single, "California." The first release from their forthcoming album, Did It for the Party, "California" mixes a hint of rock 'n' roll with plenty of laid-back style.

Keeping in tune with songs off their last project like "Look at You," the new track shows off a more low-key side to the duo. John Rich and Kenny Alphin paint a picture of a girl in love with the Golden State, while simultaneously taking the listener there, with lyrics like, "Ain't no beaches on these backroads / No sunset on the boulevard / She's in love with California / And breakin' my heart."

Between the imagery and easygoing melody, "California" is the perfect summer song that makes you want to roll down the windows and feel the warm sun on your face from the moment you hit play. Rich and Alphin's voice complement each other nicely, with both singers demonstrating a more mellow vibe with their vocals.

Though differing from signature party anthems like "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and "Comin' to Your City," the new sound works well for them, with "California" serving as a strong first taste of what's to come for country's most dynamic duo.

Did You Know?: "California" was originally recorded by Tim McGraw on his 2015 album, Damn Country Music. 

Listen to Big & Rich, "California"

Big & Rich's "California" Lyrics:

It's a three day drive if she drives all night / Says she's leavin' at the crack of dawn / Well she might still be lyin' here with me / But in her heart she's already gone / Already packed up, the altimas gassed up / She's done put the map up there on the dash / I'm all tore up just tryin' to man up / Dammin' these tears up but can't hold 'em back.


'Cause she's in love with California / And that west coast sunshine dream
These ain't no Hollywoods / And these hills ain't Beverly / Ain't no beaches on these backroads / No sunset on the boulevard / She's in love with California / And breakin' my heart.

Got a waitress job waitin' in an iHop / Throw a rock and hit universal city / Got a glamour shot in her hip pocket / Hopin' somebody'll think she's pretty / By this time tomorrow she'll hit Colorado / I'll be drownin' my sorrow in a bottle of Beam / Before she hits flagstaff maybe she'll backtrack / But I wouldn't bet that if I was me / Well she was all mine
Now it's go time.

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