A large, powerful winter storm will likely affect much of Minnesota from Wednesday through the end of the week.

Plowable snow (greater than 2 inches), strong winds, very cold air temperatures, dangerously cold wind chills and blowing snow with reduced visibilities are all expected.

While 2 or more inches looks likely for much of the area, the best chance for 4 or more inches will be along the I-90 corridor.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
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National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Arctic air combined with gusty winds will lead to dangerously low wind chills Wednesday night  through Friday night. The coldest wind chills are expected Thursday and Friday mornings, with wind chills dropping as low as -30° to -40° across southern Minnesota.

Wind gusts in excess of 30 mph at times will lead to areas of blowing & drifting snow and reduced visibilities. Whiteout conditions are possible across western & southern Minnesota.

It's still unclear what the exact track of the storm will be, which will have a significant impact on where the most snow will fall, how much snow will fall, and what the specific timing will be.

With increased travel this week, winter weather impacts are likely. Have alternate plans in place for travel. Keep up with the latest forecasts and statements.

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