"Daughter" is a signature song on Brandy Clark's Big Day in a Small Town album. The uptempo country cut is a sassy retort to a man who mistreats women. At live shows fans stand and cheer when she sings, "Karma's a b---h / So I hope you have a daughter."

The concept was crafted from an experience writer Jessie Jo Dillon had at a Nashville bar. Clark tells Taste of Country Nights that Dillon witnessed a man being a general sleaze, mistreating the women he talked to or spent time with.

“She said ‘I hope this happens to him, and that happens to him,’" Clark recalled during Wednesday night's (June 22) show. "And I said, ‘You know, I just hope he has a daughter someday.’”

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Co-writer Jeremy Spillman jumped on that idea and came up with the first lines of the chorus: "I hope you have a daughter / And I hope that she's a fox / Daddy's little girl, just as sweet as she is hot." From there the imagery came pouring out until they'd crafted one of the sneakiest songs of the year. Use of the "B Word" may cut into potential radio airplay, but "Daughter" is sure to remain a hit with fans when Clark plays live.

The Washington native also played "Homecoming Queen" for ToC Nights radio listeners. Listen to both performances below — both were co-written by Clark, a singer who says she'll always be a writer before a performer.

“For me, my artistry is definitely driven by my writing. If I wasn’t a writer, I wouldn’t be an artist.”

Big Day In a Small Town is available in stores at at iTunes now.

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