We've gotten off pretty easy this winter in Minnesota when it comes to cold temperatures. Sure, we've had plenty of snow -- but not much (if any) bitter cold.

Well, that's about to change.

In addition to a few quick shots of snow this week, we're about to take a dive into below-zero temps.

There's a chance of an inch or so of snow tonight, Friday, and again on Saturday -- followed by the arrival of a January arctic airmass.

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We'll drop into the single digits tonight and not climb out of them during the day tomorrow. Then it get's a little weird, with temps climbing Thursday night, only to drop through the day on Friday. Then we're stuck in the arctic chill, with overnight lows dropping below zero, and daytime highs struggling to climb into the single digits.

  • THU1/26: Low 6, High 8. ❄️
  • FRI 1/27: Low 8 (then rising to 26 by 5 am), High 31 (falling to 16 by 5 pm) ❄️
  • SAT 1/28: Low 1, High 6 ❄️
  • SUN 1/29: Low -10, High 0
  • MON 1/30: Low -9, High 1
  • TUE 1/31: Low -11, High 5
  • WED 2/1: Low -15, High 1
  • THU 2/2: Low -11, High 1
  • FRI 2/3: Low -6, High 0
  • SAT 2/4: Low -5, High 6

The average January low in Owatonna is 5, with the average January high climbing to 23. We'll be missing that for quite a while. Average temperatures don't appear to be showing themselves again until the week of February 6th.

If you're on the lookout for a little hope, the average high climbs to 28 in February, 41 in March, and 57 in May. We can make it from here.

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